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Buying a house in the Bay Area is a daunting task: high prices that rise every month, 8-10 bidders on every home, crazy expectations around contingencies, etc. We could not have successfully navigated the process without Sanit's help. She was honest, responsive, and took the time to get to know us and make sure we found the home that was right for us. A few examples...

1) Sanit actually steered us away from a house we originally liked due to some funky disclosures... stuff we probably would not have caught.
2) Sanit worked around our crazy work schedules to meet on nights and weekends.
3) Sanit coached us on the offer process to land us our dream house with a very fair price on our first offer, coming only a very small amount in over the next highest bidder.

If you need a realtor in the Bay Area, I highly recommend Sanit!


We were lucky to work with a 'Wonder Women' team this fall to find and purchase our dream home, and Sanit was the muscle behind the scenes making it all come together as beautifully as it did. When we walked out of our first introduction meeting, we instantly knew we were in great hands. Sanit helped us write two offers, one of which we lost but ended up making it on the second one. Given the craziness of the real estate market in the Bay Area, figure out the right price to put in an offer was always a challenge, and it was very reassuring to have someone so seasoned as Sanit to help us with that decision making process. She presented very clearly thought out and researched rationales for what the best offer price would be, went above and beyond represent us to sellers agent, and handled every single step so very professionally. When we made our second offer, Sanit approached the sellers agent to make a preemptive offer and proactively initiated a conversation before the offer deadline. This strategy offered us the chance to negotiate and update our offer, which ultimately led to an offer acceptance. She's who you need on your team!

Sruti and Rohit